Friday, January 29

slow down already

Sweet Punkin face on the road back to Tennessee from meeting some Texas Family. This is our second 7 hour road trip with him and both times he has been great! As much of travelers Matt and I are, it doesn't surprise me that he falls right into too.
I cannot believe how fast the last 4 months has gone. He is now cooing, squealing, laughing, rolling around, grabbing toes, reaching for things, reaching for Mommy (and saying, "Mommy, i love you!), and fighting nap time. duh. And might I add that he has slept thru the night since 5 weeks old! I always and hoped and prayed that he would inherit Mommy and Daddy's inapt ability to sleep through anything. So far, so good! OH! And I'm pretty sure he said "hi" this morning too. He is so advanced. ;)
I always knew i would love being a Mom, but i never knew i would love it like this. He is such a blessing, and no matter the stage, i count it as a blessing to parent him, love on him, and speak over him and just want to learn all i can. I get so frustrated when people say "Oh just wait till he is ONE and running around..." or "you have it easy now...just wait." Every stage is new and difficult because you have never been there before, and there is always a learning curve. We aren't supposed to have it all figured out. That is where the Grace of God comes in! Being a parent will never be "easy" but i chose to speak blessing over him, over us as parents, and others. Why would we speak a curse?

I just love every stage. I look forward to the next. I could have 10 more just like him.

Go ahead...tell me how cute he is. I KNOW! ;)


Anonymous said...

OHHH BOY!!! He is a little cutie petuti!! LOVE LOVE LOVE to you baby Davis. ~ your aunt jen : )

Kat said...

awww... He is a cutie. :) great pics!

NN said...

he is fantasic!

Barbara/myth maker said...

Just came across your blog, and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your post. My niece just had a baby (he will be 2 mos. on Feb 9th) and she is experiencing it in the same beautiful way as you. Your baby reminded me of my great-nephew, too (pics on my blog). They are truly a wonder and joy to behold. Have fun!

Jackie-Savi-Cannon said...

It so interesting to share the mile stones of a baby.
My grandson is a year and a half I just am so pleased when I get to watch him..
As grandparents we see this wonder of life again.

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A Girl said...

oooown *-* SO CUTE !