Thursday, January 7


I have heard that breastfed babies can go up to 6 days without a poop and that is normal and nothing wrong with that. (How can that be normal?! ew.)

Well, we have had two-three situations of 6 days without one and it required the following:
  1. separate bags to dispose of (immediatly taken outside)
  2. soaking clothes
  3. baths for everyone
  4. change of the changing table pads
  5. SO MANY WIPES it is ridiculous
  6. minor throw up in my mouth…

Now Lil Man goes every 2-3 days. My baby is growing up...

STILL requires most of those things.

Oh Davis, how i will miss these times. (No.)


The Mitchell's said...

Hahaha...I feel your pain!! I was thrilled when they told us to give him some apple juice/ water to help this!! It can be BAD!

Becca said...

this is HILARIOUS! I literally was laughing out loud because the EXACT same thing happened to us. She went about 5 days without poop then one night when I was feeding her, I mean EXPLOSION. EVERYTHING had to be changed: all my clothes, all her clothes, the blanket, wipe down the chair AND wash the boppy cover (i thought it had ruined the cover for a moment). VERY

Brienne said...

Every 2-3 days? Lucky girl! Cohen's been a once sometimes twice a day boy since day 1. :o)