Wednesday, November 16

A Month or more of catch up

i used to be a decent blogger.
now it is few and far between.
If you forget one event then once the next one comes along and you think "But i forgot to find time to blog about the first event" and then it snowballs and you haven't blogged in a month and your friends send you threatening emails about it.
BUT here is the last month in pictures in review and then we will be back on track. (ish?)

Uncle Jay, aka CoCo, was in town for 2 weeks from the Peace Corp. We loved having him here and Davis DAILY STILL says "Where CoCo go?"
aaaand he put glowing ducks on our heads? Its the little things.

then we enjoyed the beautiful fall weather and scenery at PumpkinFest.

and played in the petting zoo with our friends.

Davis was Larry the Cucumber for Halloween!
the cutest little cucumber i have ever seen...
Dress up at school was so much fun. He would talk all day about this hat and then wouldn't keep it on for more than 3 minutes.

Halloween Party at school!

Batman cant see over his big chest...He's been working out...


They ended the day with a Pumpkin Hunt in the school's garden!

Then it started getting cold. Hoodie season is a family favorite.

this picture makes me laugh. This is how he watches movies. arched back, belly all out everywhere, no pants and hands in the air. He gets really into it.

THIS is my model child...

Gabriel and Ashton are his two best friends from school. He talks about then ALL OF THE TIME and his teacher caught them all hugging and took a pic. SO CUTE! Today on the way home from school he said "Mommy, I love school." It made my heart so happy!!!

resisting bed time is a new favorite activity

my little LoveBug.


Anonymous said...

Looks like it's been a great month - love the halloween pics!!!

Cao Nguyen Hoang said...

many thanks, my friend