Wednesday, October 19

Happy 2nd Birdie!

We did a 2nd Birdie Par-Tee homemade style and had so much fun! Lots of friends and family joined in as we celebrate our little caddie.
Remember our invites?

The kids took turns going on a golf cart ride in our backyard course. It was a chilly day but perfect for some time to practise chasing the little white ball around. :)

we had PAR-ting gifts for all of the players.
Coloring pages for the birthday boy!

And the menu was my fav:

It was hard to get him inside off his FAVORITE new toy:
d tricyc1-1  sm (2)
d - t3 - sm (2)
t-4 sm (2)

But once we got him inside, THIS ONE was not shy about divoting in to his putting green.

How cute are they?:

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Christie @ Storehouse Crafts said...

Love it! So cute and creative! Way to go, mama!