Thursday, June 23

Embrace the Camera- June 23

it's been a while...

but fear not: i still have the cutest family.

I haven't done Embrace the Camera in a while, but here i am...It's hard to get a good picture of us lately b/c D is always reaching for the phone and my big nice super awesome camera has been stolen.


so, are you ready to embrace the camera?

here's the nitty gritty:

1. take a picture with you and your kids/spouse/family member/friend/whatever.

2. blog about that picture and include a link to this blog, or grab this button.

3. link your blog post up on the link tool here.

4. visit the other embracers...give each other lots of compliments about how good we look

5. have fun!


Laura said...

He has such a cute grin!! I love it!!

Joeylee said...


I'm just the MOM said...

What a happy baby!

Our Family of Four said...

Your little one is too cute! Love that smile!

The Anderson Family said...

He is just too cute. That smile is addictive!

ruthiehart said...

you have a beautiful and photogenic family!