Tuesday, April 19


Story: I got up early to go work out! (yay me!)

I forgot my bra and underwear and had to go back home. (WOMP)

Didn’t realize that until I was in the shower at the YMCA AFTER my work out. (BOOOOO.)

Got home changed clothes and Davis was awake (yay!)

I got him up and fixed him breakfast. (fun!)

I said “Davis, mommy has to go to work. I LOVE you!” (aww)

He got up and hugged me, NO KIDDING, for 5 minutes. It made me cry. It was sweet.

Honestly, it was like he knew exactly what I needed. Last week I was having a lot of guilt for feeling like I was gone a lot and was missing so much of the little things of him growing up and the day to day, and this being my busy season at work i am working longer hours, etc. I hate not seeing and teaching the little things to him thru-out the day. Who gets me?


I know that is silly and that is probably what most ALL full time working moms deal with, but when I said “Davis, Mommy has to go to work!” He got up (we were just sitting in the kitchen floor eating breakfast), and this sweet lil punkin pie got up, walked over to my lap, hugged me and didn’t let go with his head on my shoulder for 5 minutes. Matt was smiling and I was crying. Like a newborn. I could cry again just thinking about it.

SO sweet.

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The Anderson Family said...

Love the name of this post! As moms we always have those moments - good and bad. What a little sweetie for giving you the great hug you needed. :)