Tuesday, March 22

i call this my 'ketchup' post

...b/c i am about to blow ya mind with all of my posts...uh, huh...
Nothing much has happened in the last couple of months MINUS:
me starting a new job,
Davis getting 7 new teeth all at once Lord help us,
doing crazy amounts of yard work,
having lots of snow in January and February,
doing some reorganizing,
me turning 28,
Matt turning 34,
Davis in swim lessons,
me deciding to run another half marathon and then not training for it
(will it happen? stay tuned...i don't even know the answer to that),
buying a new lawn mower,
planning a golf tournament,

me painting a mural-esque thingy on Davis' wall (pictures to come),
losing an amazing babysitter to college (WOMP),
buying a new dresser for our room and a new TV for our bonus room,
working from home more, among other things.
Life is just SLOW these days.

BUT, it is sunshiney and we get to wear short sleeved shirts,

take walks,
throw rocks,
take picnics,
deck time,
go to the zoo
and work our little buns off.


96 Apparel said...

It sure has been fun hasn't it?! I love our family and growing into our blessed home.

Alex said...

Nice baby, responsible parents.
god bless you)