Friday, December 31

through the eyes of the iPhone

that is how most of my Christmas was documented. Although i have lots more pictures of my lil buggy forthcoming, here is a look at the Cox Christmas. It was a FABULOUSO one. But blogger hates me, so none of these are in order:

Christmas Day grilling and in the snow! What a trooper:

Santa really was good to us this year:

Do my friends know me or what?!:

a lil Christmas morning snowfall. That's all:

We decided to start a new tradition along with the ones that we already started. We always enjoy some mimosas, open a present and watch a Christmas movie, but this year, we added a little game action to the mix. Matt always has beginner's luck:

Right after Christmas, we planned a last minute ski trip to Gatlinburg, TN. It was AWESOME. Not the best ski runs i have ever seen, but a beautiful getaway in the mountains no less:

driving thru the mountains:

i was in Narnia for Christmas:

But for real:

our view from our mountain getaway:

nothing like the holiday stress of cooking a full Christmas meal. While i cooked for two days solid, this is the only thing i documented b/c the marshmellows looked perfect. Tasted it too. I made popovers, eggs, bacon and coffee for breakfast. Turkey, Sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, dressing, apple-cranberry pie, Mayberry Salad and tea for lunch. Then i quit cooking for the rest of the year. Below: the perfect marshmellows of sweet potato casserole:

We are still decorating and buying furniture for our upstairs game room/bonus room. Right now we have every single toy that Davis owns along with a desk and a laptop. So cozy. But Buggy loves The Polar Express and so there is nothing like a little snuggle time while checking out this Christmas locomotive:

This is crochet man. This is his FAVORITE thing i would venture to say in the world. Nothing like a little lovie to soothe you to sleep on a road trip:


Gatlinburg, TN: The Town that crowned Dolly:

Santa really loves me. My favorite Christmas gift:

Very cool necklaces that Matt found me for Christmas. They are on scrabble tiles!

Ahhhhhhh, Mayberry Salad. a Lewis/Cox tradition. I cant give you the recipe but i do not lie when i say that it will change your life:

I grew reeeeeeeally tall over Christmas:

This is the Apple-Cranberry Pie i was telling you about. Best. Pie. Ever. Make it and tell me how much you love it. I did use some of the suggestions below the recipe:

This might be my favorite picture ever:

What Christmas is complete without cookies for Santa?

My snoozin' sweetie:

Grill it up baby!


Santa came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Super excited and SUPER skeptical that this would actually happen, but it did!

One more of the sleepiness:

Ahhhhh Christmas Eve:

Helicopter rides? Only $10? sketchy...

Hope you had a GREAT Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

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