Thursday, March 5

10 weeks and at a loss for words

everyday i have tried to think of something really great and cool and interesting and witty to write about, but i come up empty! I could talk about my exhaustion...doesn't that sound fun? on. What can i say? I am boring these days! But luckily, I am 10 weeks PREGNATO, which means my mountain is almost over! :)
I could tell you how i feel just fine and dandy and then all of a sudden it is like i am a narcoleptic who passes out and I either wake up at 3am to go to the bathroom and i am on the couch in the dark or mysteriously i made it to my bed with no bumps or bruises where my husband is comfortably sleeping...couldn't tell you how or why i got there.

Or i fall asleep at my friends' house. which is just as awesome and not embarrassing!


I could continue to tell you all that i have been eating (and how 15 minutes after I am done snacking, it is like i haven't eaten in 8 hours...) and how a healthy pregnancy you gain 15-25 pounds and i am sure i am halfway 10 weeks...but that doesn't sound fun either.

instead, i will resort to showing you another picture of my growing baby and how cool it was it see little one MOVING!!!! It was SO CRAZY looking at this picture of a life that is growing inside of me and see little legs and hands moving and then the HEAD TURN! WHOA.

that was nuts & crazy.

that is going to be one sweet, adorable little booger...


More Than A Mom said...

congratulations on your pregnancy.

have you tried It gives you random questions to spark ideas for posts.

I saw you on SITStas!

holly wynne said...

I love him.

Anita J. said...

Sooo sweet!

the deKorne family said...

what a precious baby! i'm so excited for you. there is nothing like seeing the bean dancing on the screen!

jenjen said...

Congratulations!!! I'm stopping over from SITS. You have a wonderful blog!

Your pictures are cute. Have a great day!


Gibby said...

Don't feel bad about being tired...take advantage now BEFORE you have the baby and sleep! Congrats on your pregnancy. Came over from SITS.

What A Card said...

Oh how very fun! Congrats! I'm a few weeks ahead of you (and it's my third baby...I was just noticing that I don't get quite the babying I did when I was preggie with my first two (twins) enjoy every minute! Though I will admit, the best is yet to come...the good stuff really starts in about 30 weeks for you :)