Wednesday, June 18

WOW...ok i am back

Ok, so my bad for not updating. But I will be better, starting now... :)

Ok quick recap since March:

i got: a new job!!! I am Campaign Manager at The United Way of Williamson County.
i ran: my 1/2 marathon, and I am hooked!!!
i am: super stoked that it is SUMMER. and I am hungry...
i think: about my future children and what they will be like. What traits of Matt will they have?
What of me?
i forget: to update this blog...oops.
i know: how much i like to shop with Emily and end with coffee and magazines. She's the best!
i want: a puppy! Golden Retreiver please!
i have: the best husband a girl could ever ask for.
i wish: that I could be in Italy right now...
i hate: that i dont paint and write more when it makes me super happy.
i miss: my best friends in the whole world. (You know who you are!)
i fear: hurting the people I love most in this world.
i feel: hurt by people...
i hear: my co-worker pecking at her computer. Atta girl Debbi!
i smell: my lunch coming in the door.
i crave: ice cream. Any kind, any day, any hour, any time of year.
i search: for God's direction for my life.
i wonder: when we will have the freedom to pick up and travel to our heart's content.
i regret: being a punk to my mom when i was a teenager.
i love: Matthew Ryan Cox
i ache: in my back. I need a better mattress! (Sarah, remember, i slept so good that it hurts?
Ahh the good ole days!)
i care: waaay to much. I want to give it all away for people who need it. Extreme Home
Makeover? Makes me cry everytime!
i always: say I love you when i walk out the front door.
i am not: the best cook. But i try!
i believe: that God is Love.
i dance: way to much and am awesome...HA!
i sing: all the time to Jesus.
i don’t always: stay awake for the end of movies.
i fight: when I feel insecure.
i write: too little.
i win: everyday...
i lose: everyday...
i never: remember everything.
i turned: 25 in February! SCARY!!!!
i confuse: spelling. Is it receive or recieve? :)
i listen: to music...all day
i can usually be found: if you call me.
i am scared: of spiders...wolf spiders that i find in my apartment to be exact. EEK!!!!
i need: Jesus.
i am happy about: going to VEGAS in August!!!!


Brooke & Freeland said...

yay!! Glad you are back & posting!!

Holly said...

"i can usually be found: if you call me."

So not true.

And what's up with having a blog that I don't know about until I read a Facebook status? Why don't you love me? I MISS YOU!